Class Museums

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This week the children in Years 3,4 and 5 took their parents and carers back in time when they gave guided tours of their Roman Britain, ancient Egypt and ancient Greece museums.  The children show-cased a selection of the wonderfully varied and creative activities they have been involved in while learning about these fascinating periods of history during terms 1 and 2.  In Year 3 highlights included displays of the children’s mosaics, coil pots, roman dancing,  power point presentations and fantastic independent research, which included models, artefacts and many other creative ways of presenting their learning.  There were also photos of our visit to Crofton Roman villa and our visiting Roman centurion and Celtic farmer.  Thank you to all those who came and supported the museums.  We hope you learned a lot from your tour guides.

Visitors’  comments:

“Very informative, showing excellent examples of life in Roman times.”

 y3,4, 5 museum3  y3,4, 5 museum

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The Ancient Greek Museum

On Tuesday 20th November year 5 put on an Ancient Greek museum to show off their history, about Greece. They made models and posters about Greece, including temples, gods and myths. They toured their family and parents round showing what they have been doing in history. The pupils projects where made in a very creative way.

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Some of the parents wrote lovely comments. Peter Bean said “Lovely art work, pottery and models.”  Also Julie Marsh said “What a wonderful experience. Thank you all. So much hard work. Well done!

The children had a lovely time and so did the parents.  

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Written by Harry and Lucy in year 5