Year 6 school trip

On Thursday 22nd November, year 6 went on a school trip to the museum of Kent life where they learnt more about their previous topic of world war two. To suit the occasion, they wore 1940’s clothing, along with the staff  that ran the workshops.

During preparation for the exciting trip, we had constructed some gasmasks, labels, ration books and identity cards; just like the evacuees would carry during the war.

From home guard training to rationing all the inspiring workshops taught us about life 70 years ago. kent life march

  kent life school  kent life women

   kent life bus

As always, by lunch time, everyone was starving and brain blasted by the intriguing information they had discovered.

On the coach back to school, there was much discussion about the fun filled day they had experienced.

Written by Archie, Nathan, Catherine and Josh (year 6)